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  • Can I come and look round?
    Of course. Contact us to arrange a visit. You don't need to taste our olive oil but it would be a shame not to!
  • Can I stay with you?
    We're working on it! The Region of Liguria has just brought in legislation to allow us to offer 'Oleoturismo'. Basically this means we can offer olive oil holidays and events to tourists. It's very new so we're in the process of putting our packages together so watch this space.
  • Can I help out on the farm?
    Yes you can! We're members of WWOOF which means you can come and volunteer on the farm - even during the harvest. You have to join WWOOF Italia, which provides you with insurance and membership for a year, then come and volunteer as a WWOOFer! In exchange for your help we offer you food and board and the experience of a lifetime. Click on the WWOOF logo to see more details
  • Where can I find your products?
    You can buy directly from us on this website, or in person by paying us a visit. We're hoping next year to offer olive oil tastings in local deli's and restaurants in the UK. So, if you have a venue in mind in the UK and can drum up 20 people get in touch and mybe we can put something together when we're over next.
  • Why does my oil taste different to last year?
    Olive Oil is basically a fruit juice. It is affected by the soil conditions, weather, picking conditions, pressing, storage, heat, oxygen & UV. A change in taste from the previous year does not indicate a defect. All our oil is certified as extra-virgin and for this to happen it has to pass a taste test to find any defects. We guarantee it is defect-free. In addition, when you buy the oil has an effect too. Early in the season, olive oil is spicier and more green in colour. With time, it loses some of the spiciness and becomes more golden in colour with sweeter notes. So, it is rare to find oil from two years that taste identical even if we keep everything the same during growing, picking and pressing each year.


Hai mai immaginato di aiutare in una vera fattoria di ulivi? È un lavoro duro ma gratificante. Siamo membri di WWOOF, un'associazione che organizza programmi di scambio culturale. Imparerai a conoscere l'agricoltura italiana, il nostro modo di vivere e il cibo e la cultura italiani. Condividiamo la nostra conoscenza e il nostro amore per questo stile di vita. Cosa puoi aspettarti?


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